Choosing the Right Asian Antiques Buyer in San Diego 

With its long, rich tradition of multiculturalism, San Diego has a reputation for catering to those who love Asian fine art. Historically relevant examples of craftsmanship take all forms here, and they hail from time periods and civilizations the world over. 

This situation can pose a unique challenge for those seeking to enter the market by selling their Chinese and Japanese antiquities. Here’s what you should look for in an antiques buyer and why so many people work with the specialists here at San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services Inc.

Intellectual Expertise Is a Must

Those who purchase antiques should be more than mere casual collectors. In order to provide fair prices, buyers must understand your valuables’ artistic merit as well as their place within a broader cultural context.

For instance, a period jade or porcelain carving of a religious figure will command a higher price when you sell it to an appreciative audience instead of someone who only views it as an interesting trinket. This reality makes it necessary to identify pieces with a high degree of accuracy so that you can expose them to parties that specialize in similar art. 

At San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services Inc., we take a distinctly academic approach to antiquities. Although we facilitate transactions proactively, we’re always sure to leverage our knowledge to be certain that the deals we make are as mutually beneficial as possible.

Sellers Need Established Networks

Collectors move in unique circles. Your buyer should be conversant with the best ways to advertise fine art and also know who’s willing to pay for it. 

Our understanding of the art market is just as deep as our familiarity with Asian antiquities. We’ve forged strong ties with individual collectors and international auction houses to ensure that we can help your estate sale succeed.

Search for Indicators of Proven Trustworthiness

Selling Chinese and Japanese antiques can seem like a risky proposition for the uninitiated. Many sellers lack experience, so they naturally worry about whether they’re making the right choices. 

Dependable buyers actively work to allay your fears. By maintaining the appropriate credentials, they demonstrate their ability to adhere to widely accepted quality standards. They also offer more robust protection so that you don’t have to place your faith in uncertain assurances.

In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we’re a Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited member. We’re always working to improve our service offerings and help our clients make sale decisions that they feel confident about.

Talk to an expert at San Diego Liquidation and Estate Services Inc.

With more than four decades of experience, our team is well-versed in the demands of buying and consigning Asian antiquities individually and as collections. We’re proud to have assisted countless estate property owners by leveraging our relationships with some of the most renowned auction houses and collectors in the world. We’d love to help you next, so reach out today. Please visit our website at or call us at 619 316 38578 for a free consultation.